As we get older we can either become more set in our thoughts knowing that our years of experience bring certitude to our actions or become less certain of our thoughts knowing that things are seldom as they are reported. Also, we can waffle between the two attitudes as I often do when I stray from seeking God’s counsel.

Without the Rock of the Lord to stand upon, we will bend with the prevailing winds, allowing opinions to become truth and we will be blown about like fallen leaves. The strongest wind will become our truth, the loudest voice will be the one listened to and the word and will of the Lord will be forgotten.

It is so easy to slip off the Rock. All it takes is a small misstep, a little bit of inattentiveness and you can find yourself being tossed about in a sea of fear and doubt. Unable to stand you will fall, fall into the snares of satan and start espousing the morals of the world. You will begin to believe the ever-changing truths of society instead of the eternal Truths of God.

Fortunately, the Lord is a forgiving God. Just pray for your footing to be solid and you will, once again, stand on the Rock.