Well, we arrived here on Sunday to quiet and peace that lasted through yesterday and this morning. We needed the quiet to help us rest yesterday with the front coming through. Last night we had aching bones and a restless night. This morning was once again calm and peaceful walking along the river’s edge with the cat. Then the radio started, louder than we are used to at a campground.

Sometimes the ambiance of the campground is what we want and sometimes what others enjoy. So, we listen to the music, free of charge, as unfamiliar songs play and our musical tastes are stretched. This is another example of how the Lord teaches us. So many lessons here. We are each unique individuals, made in His image. Our tastes are not same as others. Patience is sometimes learned through our ears. And the music does not last forever, it comes and goes at the whim of someone else.

Most importantly, nothing lasts forever. We will have moved on to our next stop on Thursday, looking for more new experiences and preparing for the next project. We will arrive on site on Saturday and start on Monday. God blesses in every circumstance.