Linda and I spent the morning doing cleanup, laundry and tool preparation before the Uskichitto project. We will be traveling tomorrow to arrive onsite on Saturday. We will meet other members of the team as we settle in Saturday be ready to go to work on Monday. The next six weeks will be fairly intense as we are going to work two straight projects.

We have been able to talk about NOMADS at every single campground that we have stayed at, not because we seek to but because people see our truck signage and ask. You do not have to ring a bell or sound a trumpet to gather attention to the Lord, just put a small sign on your truck and wait. God will bring the willing to you.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, know that your voice is important. God will surely use you to further His kingdom if you are willing. The Lord uses the ordinary to create the magnificent, He takes the clay of our lives, shapes it into a thing of beauty and fires it in the kiln of His love. Just be willing to be used.