Rain last night, cloudy early this morning that turned into rain later. However, yesterday we readied to leave, traveled, and set up in dry weather as well as completing our outside stuff (including a long walk with the cat with several stops to meet fellow travelers) in dry weather this morning. We are now sitting in our camper with a gentle rain falling, enjoying the view of the lake. As much as the ducks and geese and swans and herons enjoy the rain, we enjoy the sound of the rain on the trailer and the peacefulness of the campground even more.

We love the journey that we are on and for as long as it lasts we will continue to travel, meeting new people, sharing our love for the Lord and serving wherever and whenever we are able. Even when little critters try to hop a ride with us and we need to become exterminators, life is good. Even when something fails and we need to find problems and solve them, life is good. There is no problem, no weather issue, no person who can take the joy of the Lord from us. We will always have these periods where He showers His blessings down and they are enough.