We arrived at the Uskichitto project yesterday, met some of our fellow crew members and settled in. After a good night’s sleep listening to the rain on our roof, we woke refreshed despite losing an hour of sleep. Although Linda was not up to church, today looks to be a fine, if cloudy, cool and wet day.

This is a retreat center and summer camp that needs the help that NOMADS can provide. There is so much cleanup and repair to be done that where to start may be the biggest issue. This morning, time was spent in prayer for the team here to be able to effect change that not only improves the safety and efficiency of the camp, but also adds significantly to the camps mission and appearance.

The primary mission of the NOMAD teams is to assist the agency we serve in their work, their perceived outreach for the Lord. However, we also serve by showing them that they are not alone, that they have others ready and willing to help. The NOMAD teams bring hope when they arrive. Hope that the vision will continue. Hope that others see worth in the work and hope that the work will have value because others see the value and want to help.