Everybody has an inherent need to find something, something that explains the good and bad actions of their fellow humans. Some look within to create idols they can understand. Some look to others for guidance and love. They expect idols of their own creation to be greater than they are. Do they not know that the created is never greater than the creator?

There is only one God who was here at the beginning, who created all things, who breathed the divine spark of life into Adam, who came down from heaven and became fully man so He could be the perfect sacrifice. There is only one God who seeks us, who loves us, who is waiting to bless us with every good thing.

Believe in and seek the Creator, the Triune God, the One who made the universe, the Great I Am for He will reward the one who diligently seeks Him. The sought path leads to Jesus Christ, the Son of God who will bring joy to the seeker and peace to the believer.