Downtime… there are times in everyone’s day when they are not working, eating, socializing or sleeping. These are some of the times when satan will sneak into your space and try to divert you from God’s purpose for your life. Be diligent, fill your downtime with prayer. Pray for those whose needs you know and those whose needs are unknown. Pray for the strength to conquer, pray for the wisdom to keep on God’s path, pray for your own soul and pray for those you love.

Praise God for all the blessings in your life. Praise God for His divine mercy. Praise God for your friends and family. Praise God for your trials past, present and future. Praise God for the time that He has set aside for you to come before Him.

Worship the Lord for He alone is worthy. Worship the Lord for He is the great Creator. Worship the Lord at every opportunity. Worship the Lord with joy and thanksgiving because all that you are and all that you have comes from Him.