Being the hands and feet of Jesus… walking in His footsteps… show God’s love to a dying world… spreading the Good News through actions… seeking to find Jesus and help Him… answering the call… and on, and on, and on. There are many ways to describe those who volunteer to serve others and these are a few of the ways that Christians describe what they do.

What is often more difficult to talk about is the motivation, the reason why they do what they do. Some will speak of their need to show their love of Jesus by serving Him, some will speak of obligation or duty and some will speak of storing up treasures in heaven.

The reality is that service is simply an outpouring of the grace, mercy and love that flows from God to each of His children. When we are aware of the mercy, grace and love given to us by the Lord we feel compelled pass those blessings on to others in need. When you have been touched by God, when He has spoken to you and called you to His family, run to Him to offer all of yourself to Him. Do not hesitate, joy is waiting.