Week one of our Outdoor Wilderness Learning Center project is complete.  The team is working well together and much has been done, with much still to go.  Each member of our team struggles with all the problems that plague everyone, family issues, health issues and so on.  But still, as in the working world, the goal remains out there and all continue to work through the emotional stuff and the physical pain.

As we become aware of the frailties of others, we are more willing to share our own troubles and it is in the sharing that the differences between strangers becomes less and less… until we are one in spirit, work and play.  This is the magic time that occurs on almost every project.  This the time when God’s Spirit becomes manifest and joy fills the work.

Don’t wonder why we continue to volunteer despite the soreness and separation from loved ones… wonder why you do not.  Don’t wonder how we can manage to do this… wonder why you cannot.  Don’t wonder why our faith remains strong… it is because we seek Jesus daily to serve His people when and where we can.  Do you?