Every morning that we work, NOMADS start the day with devotions. Each of us takes a turn, there is scripture reading and devotional material read or inspirational stories told, sometimes singing and always prayer to start the day. Only after our corporate conversation with the Lord do we begin the process of prioritizing the day and deciding who goes where with whom and who does what.

Without the Lord being first in our lives, our decisions will not be based on solid ground. Only the bedrock of the Lord’s word and will is sufficient to hold our plans. Only when our plans are conformed to God’s plans for our day can we be certain that they are good.

Many is the time that I have made my own plans without first seeking God’s will and many is the time that my plans have failed. It is only when I first seek the will of the Lord that I can rest in the assurance that He will help my steps to be true. Although my steps may falter and I may stumble, if I have been true to the Lord, He will lift me up and restore me to His path.