Palm Sunday… this is the that the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated. As with all historic celebrations and festivals, the day of celebration is not accurate. Those who worry about the details miss the reason for both the joy and the sorrow of this day.

Jesus came the this time and place with the full knowledge of the pain and suffering that was to come. The crowds who were cheering Him had no such knowledge, neither did His followers. For others this was a celebration of Jesus and His message of redemption; but, for Jesus this was only the beginning of a time of trial.

A time of trial that would end in triumph for all of mankind. As we live this day now, we can see the result, we can see the joy and celebration of the crowd for what it truly is… mob mentality that would start as acceptance of our Lord and turn to rejection as they are manipulated by the religious leaders of the day. Thankfully, our Lord is full of grace and mercy and works in the hearts of individuals and by mob rule.

Now we rejoice. Would we have followed the mob and rejected Him then? Do we now?