Today was difficult for both Linda and me. She rested too little over the weekend and could not go today and I was stiff and sore all day. We forget that I am no longer young and need more rest and that Linda’s health can turn in an instant and lay her up. The Lord has a purpose for us now and we can still follow Him. We need to set a better pace if we going to continue this journey.

The Lord does not expect us to do more than we can do, He only expects our best effort. So, each day we need to assess our health, both physically and spiritually and take the lessons provided. Sometimes the lessons are simple, like slow down and rest and sometimes the lessons are hard, like stop and change course.

We have no idea which today is, or maybe today is just a bad day. Only time will tell. Two more weeks on this project and then on to a journey of discovery through the mid-Atlantic states, and the Northeast. Time will slow down as we become tourists until November when our next project starts in Florida.