Yesterday we had inside work in the morning while the weather provided a light rain for our enjoyment and outdoor work in the afternoon when the rain stopped. Every project seems to bring work that fits the workers and the weather. Some would say that this sheer chance, that things just work out on their own. However, when the right talents, tools and weather come together five times in a row, this is more than chance, more than luck, this is the hand of God working for those who believe.

To see the works of the Lord one must believe in God and not succumb to the trickery of the world. The people of the world can, and will, try to explain the works of God as just chance or just a part of the natural order. Every theory, every law of nature, every scientific fact changes as man searches the universe and refines his empirical knowledge coming closer and closer to the truths of the bible.

The time is coming, indeed it is close, when all will be revealed, when the glory of the Risen Son will be manifest in this world and Jesus will reign forever.