Today we hid Easter Eggs… all 1,400 of them. Plastic eggs with candy inside. This sounds like a small thing to do for children. It is not. There were about 100 children whose lives have been anything but idyllic. Some have been abused, some come from drug houses, some have parents in jail. What they all have in common is a need to be loved, a need to know that there are adults who want give and not take or hurt.

Although all we could do was watch and help behind the scenes, what we saw was a group of adults loving and caring for children in need. We marveled at the laughter and fun that these young people evinced, the joy in their voices as they played and ate lunch. What a privilege it is to see God’s love at work as the counselors watch and work.

Are our efforts worth the time, energy and money we spend? Just hear the response of one teenage child to what happened today. “This is the first Easter egg hunt I have ever been on. No one else ever cared enough to go to this trouble for me.” The feeling that someone cared enough to go to the trouble of hiding eggs and fixing lunch is new to many of these children. Is it worth it? Hell yes!!!