This is the one day in the year when we should all reflect on the sacrifice that was made for us. That Jesus came to man, that He humbled Himself to take on our essence, become one of us to taste our lives and then to suffer through the pain and agony that man inflicted on Him to give us the opportunity to join His Father in heaven.

He loved us when we hated Him, He died as atonement for our sins even while we reviled Him and rejected Him. And yet, He never rejected us, Jesus never stopped loving us. Now, today reflect on His love, on His example of how to volunteer, how to pour all of you into others.

Serving others is not a thing you can do as the mood dictates or when you are feeling right. No, true service to others is done all the time, in all circumstances and with love for the Lord. For it is only in proportion to your love for God that you can extend your hand to the needy. And it is not just when you are on an intentional mission trip that you need to serve, there are chances to help to serve all around you every day.