Following the solemnity of Good Friday comes Saturday. For us, this is a day of great anticipation for we know what happens tomorrow. Tomorrow we commemorate the victory of Jesus over death and sin, we rejoice that our Lord has risen and is alive.

But what of that first Saturday after the crucifixion. We have all lost loved ones. Remember the day after the funeral, the sense of loss, the dimming of hopes for the future. This is what today meant that first Saturday. Add to this the dread of discovery by the Sanhedrin or the Roman soldiers and you begin to get an idea of their pain. Their Hope had died, their Savior was dead. What was next?

While we know answer, we know that Hope lives and the Savior saves, they did not. So today should not be spent in joyful anticipation but in solemn reflection. Reflect on the cost of your salvation. Reflect on a world where there was no hope and no salvation. Sweep your heart, mind and soul clean, remove all distractions and be ready for glad tidings. Tomorrow will be a great day, but today is not.