So, last evening nine NOMADS sat around a fire pit and laughed and joked and just enjoyed each other’s company.  We had gone our separate ways for the day, each doing what was needed to rest from the previous two weeks and prepare for the final week of this project.

There is great joy in the projects that we do, great satisfaction in helping others and meeting other Christians devoted to serving the Lord.  This is a unique ministry in that it consists of people who have traveled this earth for a while and are now willing to serve others instead of retiring to their own pleasure.

In this world, there are many examples of lives that have been touched by our risen Lord, there are many who have been called to His service in their youth and served all their lives and many who have come to Him later in life and been called to serve Him then.  Whichever you are, wherever you are on your time line, there are opportunities to serve.  When Jesus finished on the cross, He showed us how to overcome despair and fear.  By His example, we are taught to believe.  Follow Him through your uncertainties into His Glory.