Every single day I get more lessons in humility. The other night we sat around a fire pit that one of the other NOMADS had bought. It worked OK for a little bit then started smoking (it was advertised as smokeless). No amount of coaxing helped and we were enjoying poking some gentle fun at the owner. He accepted our razzing with grace and humility.

Then it hit me, I would have pretended to enjoy the friendly ribbing but would have been angry and graceless inside. There was no way that I would have humbly stood by and enjoyed the evening. What is even worse for me is the possibility that part of my enjoyment was seeing someone else getting it wrong.

Then I asked myself, is this why I am afraid to try new things? Is this why I get so angry when I have trouble doing things right the first time? Am I so caught up in my own ego that I miss the chance to do wonderful new things? And even worse, am I keeping Linda from seeing and doing new things because of my pride?

Sometimes self-inspection can be very painful, isn’t it great that God forgives.