One of our high school classmates passed away… cancer. He was 71 years old, reading his obituary made me realize that his life had mattered, that he had done much good for many people and that he would be missed. It also made me even more aware of the NOMADS and their mission of service.

We carry on… we continue to serve, to serve for those who can no longer do so. Our contemporaries who gave their full measure of service and now need to rest count on us to keep the tradition alive, keep serving for as long as we can. Yes, this thing we do, we do as the fruit of our faith, but there is also the obligation to be the hands and feet of Jesus that our friends can no longer be.

For as long as we are able, we will serve. And when we can no longer serve, the torch will pass. There will be others to serve, others to carry on. God’s work will be done… it can be no other way. So, we do the best we can for as long as we can and then we rest.