Every day we enter the lives of other people. Sometimes it is people we know, but for Linda and me it is often strangers… strangers we know nothing about and who know nothing about us, and there is not always a chance to share the gospel. However, there is always the opportunity to share a smile and a kind word.

Sometimes a smile is easy. As when you are responding to kindness and a smile. Sometimes a smile is not so easy. As when you see anger, bitterness and an unhappy face. Whatever your day is like, whatever face the world chooses to show you, let your heart seek the joy of the Lord. Put a smile on your face and let the words that come out of your mouth echo with kindness and the love of Christ.

Now, the reality is that we do not always respond in love to strangers and, even worse, to our own loved ones. We can say ‘such is life’ and ignore our shortcomings or we can pray for help, pray to the Lord for His mercy and grace… pray that He will adjust our attitude and put a forgiving spirit in those we wrong. The choice is yours to grow in the Spirit or shrivel in the world.