Sitting in the shade, watching the leaves shimmer with the wind and relaxing after changing a tire on the trailer and rearranging some of the load it becomes evident that the Lord has had a hand in today. It is not that our life together is simple and easy and it is not that the path we follow is easy. What is true is that the Lord is always there to help carry our burdens, always there to ease the pain of failure and setback.

We have days of doubt. We have days of anger and disappointment… everyone does. Fear can consume us and disagreements can separate us from each other. But then comes a day like today… a day of peace and tranquility… a day to pause and a day to begin to understand the awesomeness of a God Who knows our troubles… a God Who so loves us that He came to experience our world through our eyes… a God of compassion and love.

It is not that the Lord will remove us from the valleys of our lives, it is not that the Lord came to remove evil and force man to be kind and compassionate, it is rather that He came to show us the way to live and how to find our way to Him.