Once again, we are in a time of rest and contemplation. We are storing energy for the next part of our journey, preparing for the days of travel, the days of fellowship, the days of looking and the days of wonder. My thoughts turn to the time when we will no longer be able to travel, when our wings are clipped by time and circumstances and we must stay in one place.

Now is the time to plan, to choose a location, and look at each destination as a place to settle. What an adventure!! We have the ability to look at a plethora of locations and decide where we can best serve in our golden years. So, we will begin by narrowing our search field to a climate that suits us both and an area that appeals to our senses. We will search for people with whom we are compatible and strive to be within a reasonable distance of family.

We also know that God enables our plans as they adhere to His plans for us. For the Lord knows what is best for us and, as we pray, plan and prepare, we also remain flexible for it is in His will that we are most content.