Today we drove to Cullman Alabama and toured the Ave Maria Grotto on the grounds of Saint Bernard Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery. Over his lifetime, Brother Joseph Zoettl created a garden full of miniatures of many of the most important religious sites in the Catholic world. His dedication to the Lord and His method of worship, through his art are an inspiration.

Each one of us sees the world through the lens of their own lives. We each view God and His creation differently and we have a responsibility to share that view with others. Even when we are nurtured in the same environment and have the same or similar experiences, our views are not the same. This unassuming Benedictine monk saw his world and processed it through his experiences and created great beauty showing us why we each need to express ourselves to the world.

We were created to worship God, each in our own way. To fail to do this is to fail both ourselves and our Lord. We need to use our talents to glorify the Lord and help our fellow man. To do anything else is disrespectful of God.