As we travel there has been a subtle change for me. I used to always know the direction in which I was traveling. This is no longer true and it is very disconcerting. Many time I now look to go one way only find that I need to go the other way. This is teaching me to listen to Linda more, although I still doubt her too often.

The lack of a good sense of direction is only important to those us who had it and lost it. After all, with maps and GPS gadgets we really shouldn’t get lost as long as we pay attention. And Linda pays attention for the both of us.

Of greater importance is our sense of spiritual direction. We are all born into this world as creatures of this earth. As such, we are born with the ability to do both good and evil, the series of choices that we make determine our path. Both paths lead to death but one only leads to a rebirth into life everlasting. Do not depend on your own sense of direction, seek the map and GPS that lead to life… read and follow the Bible. Choose wisely.