Up early this morning and off to get an oil change for the truck. While I was there I spoke with an older gentleman who was getting his car serviced. As we talked I realized that, although our experiences have been quite different, our goals and dreams were quite similar. We both wanted health and happiness for our families and we both had sacrificed some of our dreams for those of our family. And now it is time for the next generation to take over and it is our time to make some of our own dreams come true.

Liberating thought? Yes. And yet we still have a responsibility to continue to search out and follow the will of the Lord. By making our travel plans to include service to others, by praying diligently about where to put our tithes and offerings and by remaining flexible enough to change when so directed we can remain true to the path the Lord has put before us while realizing our dreams. The Lord know us and loves us infinitely… enough to allow us to have dreams and enough to give us our dreams even as we work to serve our fellow man.