Up early again this morning. We got ready and went to church at Church of the Highlands, Greystone campus with Lorie, Patrick and Daniel. This is the first time since December that we have been in a church with the type of service that we love… a spiritual time for sure. One of the great things about the way we are traveling is the opportunity to meet and worship with people at churches all over the country. Over the past six weeks we have been to traditional services, contemporary services and blended services, large congregations and small congregations. There is little consistency, even within the Methodist denomination, between churches and we see the true diversity of this country and the Christian churches here.

Paradoxically, that is also one of the drawbacks of incessant travel. Too much diversity leads to a lessening of the effect of corporate worship. Therefore, it was great to go to a service that our souls responded to and hear a message that we could respond to with our whole heart.

Thursday our travels continue:
Sunday 5/14 in Hohenwald,TN
Sunday 5/21 in Park City, KY
Sunday 5/28 in Georgetown, KY (outside of Lexington)
Sunday 6/4 in Prestonsburg, KY
Sunday 6/11 in Gladys, KY (outside of Lynchburg)
And so on over to the East coast and up through New England.