Today is a day of peaceful rest and contemplation, watching to birds and small wildlife outside our door. This is a remote and quiet campground on a pristine lake in Alabama and has been a really nice place to rest. However, we will probably not be back here, due to the 150-mile round trip to Lorie’s house. The rest of this year until November will be spent sightseeing and meeting up with family and friends along the way.

Of course, during our travels, we will always be looking for ways to serve the Lord, for those opportunities to share His word and His love that come up… and then go away because we are not watching. Each day is an adventure for us and sometimes we get so caught up in the day that we miss the needs of those around us.

Just as we look to serve where we are, those who do not travel should look to serve where they are. After all, as we pass through an area we see briefly what those who live there see daily. In fact, some of our service comes directly from requests for help which others like us respond to and create NOMADS (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service) job sites to help.