We ran out of propane last night. Fortunately, it was a mild night and no heat was needed. So, this morning while we waited for the repair man for the water pump on the trailer, I drove into town and had the tanks refilled. What a pleasant experience. They were friendly and helpful yet very professional.

Everywhere we go we meet the nicest people and when they are not nice it is generally due to some difficulty in their lives. They may be carrying an unseen burden. When we meet these folks, we try to lighten their load. Sometimes we just need to be patient and hear their story. Sometimes we need to inject some humor. Sometimes compassionate listening without judgement is what they need.

But most importantly, we stop and say a small prayer for them asking the Lord to guide our thoughts and words, to give us an understanding heart and to give them peace in their hearts. Prayer is a tool too often neglected. If we do pray to the Lord then we relying on our own resources and our own abilities are not enough. All we can do on our own is reach a point where we need to cry out for help so why not ask for help first and avoid the pain.