Today is the last day at this campground and on our walk Little Man and I found a red covered bridge. This is a small walking bridge that goes over a babbling brook with privet hedges all around, a beautiful spot, kind of secluded. We enjoyed the moment with him exploring and me just listening and looking. It had all the appearance of not being used and seemed to serve no purpose. And I wonder if it ever served a purpose, if it was ever used as part of some lost trail or walkway.

I would like to believe that it was built just for my enjoyment, but probably not. The original purpose has been forgotten, lost with the changes in ownership and management. But today it served our purposes quite nicely as an adventure for Little Man and a place of quiet contemplation for me.

At any rate, I started thinking about all the bridges to nowhere that I built in my life, all of those friendships lost to neglect, all those good intentions dashed on the reality of my unbelief. As I live my life for the Lord, I realize that the past has been removed, as far as the East is from the West, by a just and merciful God. That does not mean that I forget my transgressions and that does not mean that I try to atone for them. It only means that I serve my Lord because He first served me.