It is moving day once again. Yesterday we cleaned the camper. Well, really, Linda cleaned on the inside and tossed Little Man and I out. Feeling guilty, I cleaned the outside. Since we typically can’t use water to wash the truck and camper at the campgrounds, I decided to try the ArmorAll Wash and Shine product. It works wonders. We then did laundry together, Linda changed the bed, fixed supper and did dishes while I showered. All in all, an amazing day of accomplishments and we are now ready for the next stop.

If it appears like I am getting the better deal from this marriage, I am and really need to start doing more. I spend too much time reading and thinking and not enough time helping. As I write this, Linda is making the bed and, once again, I am watching.

The Lord calls each of us in different ways and to different paths. Linda is a helper and a server. She is happiest when she is serving others. However, she is also an encourager and testifier. Her testimony will bring you to your knees. My job is to care for Linda, let her work, keep her healthy and try to make her happy. That means more helping and less watching.