While Linda rested today Carl the intrepid took off to go Walmart for a few items and turned an hour trip into a two-hour saga. I left the campground with directions firmly in hand and immediately took a wrong turn. Feeling that I was wrong after 12 miles, I made a futile attempt to look on my phone only to find the dreaded no bars signal. Being the intrepid road warrior that I am, I continued driving until I found a road that was on my map. I then followed my map to Hohenwald and Walmart. After shopping, I followed the directions in reverse order to find my mistake. Mistake found, ego massaged as I correctly followed directions.

As I drove to Walmart I felt conflicting emotions from anger to worry to frustration to shame. They all came over me and I had to banish them all, one at a time. There are emotions that come from the Lord and emotions that come from satan. We need joyously accept those that come from the Lord. We need to bind and banish those that come from satan, praying against them and speaking the name of Jesus.