Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A bittersweet day for those who lost their Moms and a day to see or call Mom for those who still have their Moms. So, I called my Mom, remembered the mother of my children with love and fondness and spent the day with Linda, a wonderful Mom and great companion for me.

We went to the home of Andrew Jackson, one of our most controversial presidents. Here was a man who was an unabashed slave owner and advocate of the removal of all Indians from their lands and was also a very popular president. He was a fierce soldier and helped shape our nation. So, how do we see this lifelong mason, outstanding general and leader of men, and 2 term president of the United States.

Jackson was a product of his environment, essentially raised himself (fought in the revolutionary war at 13), taught himself and followed his own path. There was no mention of His religion, his belief system (other than political) or any church attendance or affiliation. This man was obviously confident and arrogant. Yet, he did not ruin this nation. It is evidently true that this nation, even in its infancy, can survive and thrive despite (or because of) leadership that is controversial and divisive. So, pray for our president, pray for our nation and pray for unity and peace.