Today we trade our yard in for a new yard, our neighborhood in for a new neighborhood and our old neighbors in for new ones. The change is always disruptive, even of frequent. However, this time, we never met our neighbors in the park and there was no chance to share with them. Now, this happens from time to time and that is OK. What happened instead was a chance (?) encounter with two couples while we were at The Hermitage.

On the walkway between two sites at The Hermitage we met two couples resting on a bench under some trees. We struck up a conversation with them and stayed for a half hour with them talking about life. When we spoke about living fulltime in our 21-foot camper, the questions started and as we answered we could feel their interest peaking.

They were not discouraged or offended by our open declarations of faith and they were not critical of our statements of God’s mercy. They were interested. Although we did not issue a call to Jesus that day, we did plant seeds of faith that we pray will germinate and grow into mighty trees to spread the Word.