Here we sit in Park City, Kentucky in one of the nicest campgrounds in the Thousand Trails system we belong to. Today is the day of rest after a move to the new area yesterday, and for Linda, after a painful night of coping with her problems.

This morning we took coffee sitting outside listening to the birds, went inside where I fixed and ate breakfast and Linda cut my hair. Rest is not laying around and sleeping, rest is when we take the time to recuperate by doing only those things that we enjoy with a minimum of effort. Reading, talking, listening to pieces of sermons, walking the cat and praying for our families are all worthwhile pursuits for the retired.

For tomorrow Mammoth Cave beckons… and that is enough for now. We will be here for 10 days and I am sure there will be other things to see and do that will interest us. Of course, each day is unique and we learn more about each other, the Lord and this life we are living. As time goes on we learn to be more patient, more caring, more observant. The Lord watches over us and guides us in our daily lives and we praise, worship and thank Him.