Yesterday we toured Mammoth Cave. We walked three quarters of a mile, trod up and down countless stairs and spent 2 hours walking through underground seams beneath the surface of the earth. What an amazing journey it was, listening to Ranger Jerry talk about his family’s 5 generations of cave guiding starting with his slave ancestors. He talked about the more than 400 miles of discovered and mapped passages in this one cave system and the men and women of all colors who have taken part in this venture.

Other than a nice memory made, this is significant because Linda is handicapped and I am mildly claustrophobic. We really wanted to see this evidence of God’s majesty beneath the earth and started praying for strength for Linda and protection from fear for me days before we took the plunge. As the time approached we both prayed and we both received peace about the trip. You see, the Lord in His infinite wisdom will allow us to venture way out of our comfort zone to seek His Face and then He will hold us in palm of His hand as we move forward. We praise God for His goodness and mercy as we move forward continuing to trust in Him.