In this world of uncertainty and strife there is only one place where peace can be guaranteed and that comes into your heart. No person can give you peace, no government, no institution and certainly no religious organization. Any human and anything made by human hands is flawed. We all fall short of perfection, we all fail. So, do not look to any person or anything created by humans for peace.

Likewise, peace does not come from communing with nature, although natural surroundings are very peaceful. As we camp and listen to the birds and watch our fellow campers we feel at peace. But this peace is transitory, only there when the weather is calm and our neighbors are friendly.

Where does real peace come from? Real peace comes from the Lord, not some made up god on high but from the one true God who came to earth, took on our shape and persona and died to carry our sins away. Peace is knowing your final destination, knowing that the pain of this world is transitory. Finally, peace is knowing with absolute certainty that you will be with friends and loved one for eternity.