As we get ready to move today, we can’t help but marvel at the strength of our little truck. Our Nissan Frontier has pulled this travel trailer across these United States. Without complaint, it has towed us through towering mountains, thundering rainstorms and dry wastelands, never faltering.

As we continue this journey, we feel truly blessed and yet, I will sometimes feel inadequate for the tasks ahead. I am nothing in this world, small, sinful and broken. The Lord says, ‘If you will, I can use you to reach my lost sheep and to encourage my flock’ and I reply, ‘use me’. And sometimes, I doubt. My fears about my own weaknesses start to invade my peace and then I remember.

I remember that He is Lord of all. I remember that He sent His Son, Jesus, to show us the way back to Him. I remember the joy of Jesus as He taught, compassion of Jesus as He healed and the pain of Jesus as He sacrificed Himself for me and you, for everyone. My doubt becomes certainty, my fears melt away and I know. Just like my little truck, I can keep on towing, keep on carrying His Light. And so, with God as our guide, we continue.