We are safely tucked into our campsite at Whispering Hills RV Resort in Georgetown, KY. As we drove here, Google maps took us off of the interstate and through some of the most gorgeous horse country imaginable. Of course, along with the beauty came some hair-raising county roads that looked like small country lanes. After arriving, we were escorted to our site, and along with a few other normal folks took our place amongst the rolling mansions that some call their vacation homes.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the lifestyles of the rich but have no desire to be like them. We have seen and experienced the pain of trying to keep up with the world. We have realized the futility of accumulating things and prestige for personal gain. We have made idols of money and people and watched both fail us in our time of need.

So, now we keep our eyes on Jesus while watching and enjoying the splendor around us. There is no jealousy for what others have, only gratitude for what we have and for what the Lord has given us especially for what He has seen fit to not burden us with. Wealth and status and possessions can own you and tie your to the world, keeping you from a personal and eternal relationship with the Lord.