Breakfast done, devotions read, prayers spoken… when we are settled or in a familiar venue, church would be next. However, we are not. Instead, we will focus on the Lord and His presence for a time this morning and then visit the Ark Encounter this afternoon. He allows us to worship Him in our own way, sometimes corporately with a part of the body of believers, sometimes as couples and sometimes alone.

We serve an awesome God. Serve… this is a word I hesitate to use when speaking about what we do, for this service is in no way coerced. Rather this service is freely given just as the Lord’s mercy is freely given to all who ask. Jesus left perfection to come to imperfection and show us what salvation is and how to be reconciled with God.

When life is given, when we have been saved from eternal death, and when this gift is given freely, we need to pass this opportunity on to others. We need to… no, we must pass this eternal blessing on to those in need of salvation. So, we serve. Yes, we serve, not out of duty, rather out of love for He loved us when we were unlovable.