In 1967, after dropping out of college, I joined the US Army. So, on June 30th, 1967, I gave three years of my life to my country… only three years all of which were spent stateside when there was a violent war waging in the Far East. Over 58,000 of my comrades in arms gave, not their enlistment commitment time, but their lives in service to this country.

That is why we have a day of remembrance. Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who either willingly or unwillingly agreed to serve this nation and died in this service. We all knew the potential consequences of this pledge and those fortunate enough to be able to watch the parades and eat the hotdogs today still remember those who did not come back mourn their loss.

Take a moment to remember those who died, not for a cause or political agenda, but because of a duty to serve others. Remember that they did not choose the field of battle, they did not create the political agenda, they did their duty.

We do not know the reasons why some were spared and some died, we only know that all things happen according to God’s grand design. He is sovereign.