Well, here we are, at Jenny Wiley State Park all set up in the campground.  We arrived yesterday, needed a few things from the store and stopped by the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) headquarters.  The feeling of being family once you have been in service here never goes away.  We have been blessed to be a part of this group of Christians and their mission here in Eastern Kentucky.  We saw several of those who impacted our lives here and hope to see more during our stay.

Today Linda rests while I take care of some housekeeping details that we have let slide as we travel.  Tomorrow (if Linda is sufficiently rested) we hope to be able to reconnect with more people at the CAP camp (Camp Shawnee) where they will be readying for a retreat.  To complete the day Linda has an appointment with the hairdresser she used when we lived here to catch up and get her hair done.  And the last day here we will be attending church in Paintsville at the Methodist church we attended when we volunteered here.

If you will carry the Lord’s love with you everywhere you go and freely give it away you will never be without good friends.  You will always have at least one place to call home, and maybe more.