It seems like I am always writing about how blessed we are, about the good times we have and about how loved we feel.  Well, the truth is that all the above is true.  It is not that we don’t have doubts, aches and pains and bad moods, rather, we have, within our hearts, a Comforter, Healer and Protector named the Holy Spirit.

When troubles are all around us, when we hurt, when our hearts are troubled we reach out to Jesus, we pray to the Lord and the Holy Spirit intercedes for us.  Getting to this relationship with God was not a trip that we took, it was not by our intellect that we came to believe.  In Fact, all our attempts to seek fulfillment from others, from our work, from the world always ended in bitter disappointment.  It was only when we reached the point of desperation and abject failure that our eyes turned to the Lord.  When we accepted the truth that we are helpless without Him He set us free from the bondage of this world, free from the grip of satan.

Are you angry with the world, unable to be free to be you, unable to love others?  Turn to God, ask Him to cleanse your heart and open your soul to His Presence.  Peace and Joy await.