We have a long drive from Kentucky to Virginia today. To celebrate this seven-hour journey, we got up at five AM, started the coffee and are now sitting bleary-eyed wondering why. Oh yes, we would rather start in the dark than end in the dark. Setting up is difficult when you are tired. It would be way tougher tired and in the dark.

Plus, Linda’s health dictates at least being awake for two hours before starting our day. Hence, up at five to leave around seven and, with our needed stops, arriving between three and four. We move slowly when we travel out of necessity but would probably do so anyway. When you speed through to your destination so much is missed. No time for friends, no time to see new things, hear new stories and share your faith in the little places along the way.

We sacrifice a little sleep to see more and share our faith more… not much when others sacrifice their lives for their faith. Our testimony seems insignificant in the face of all the great saints of this world, but it is not. Lives are changed one at a time. God moves most effectively when we share one on one.