We spoke with Mom last Sunday afternoon and a long and very enjoyable conversation. One of the topics of conversation was the lifestyle that Linda and I are currently living. You see, Mom and Dad lived this lifestyle for many, many years and Mom still lives in an RV resort in Yuma, Arizona at 96 years young.

I was telling her about parts of our journey and she was reminiscing about her and Dad’s adventures. She was very content with their lifestyle and wondered why more people don’t retire to travel trailers and I wondered the same thing. Fear I guessed, fear of losing their possessions and the need to be around a strong support group of family and friends. Any number of things can root us to a location or a lifestyle.

Linda and I decided that we could put our trust in the Lord, giving away our possessions and forsaking all others. When we did this, He not only gave us the strength to let go of our things and our relationships, He gave us better things. He renewed and strengthened our important relationships and provided us with new friends. New friends who help in our spiritual journey, who encourage us.