Yesterday we rested and today we are going to Appomattox Courthouse to see where the Civil War officially ended with the surrender of Lee to Grant and the United States was preserved. We shall see how this site impacts us and what is spoken into our hearts. This war was an ending to conflict for the North and South but only the beginning of a long and bitter time of turmoil for the South. Even now, over 150 years later, the scars remain. This should be a lesson to all that war and violence do not bring lasting solutions, only victory for one side and defeat for the other.

Peaceful dialogue and orderly, non-disruptive demonstrations will produce change that does not harden hearts. Speaking and acting with love towards each other avails much. Forgiving each other for real or perceived wrongs allows for understanding to begin. Today’s world is in desperate need of soothing words, calm discourse and forgiving hearts and this must begin somewhere. Why not here? Why not right now with you and me?

Now is the time to change your attitude. A difficult thing to do, but eminently doable. If you can’t do alone (most of us can’t) then seek a help from a higher power. God can change your heart and bring you peace. Just ask.