When Little Man (our cat) and I were walking this morning, one of the park employees came up to us to start a friendly conversation. Little Man became frightened, slipped his collar and ran off. Only a few minutes later he came to me from under our truck just like nothing had happened. Linda called to him and he ran into our camper happy be home with her.

In the camper, he came right to me to have his collar put back on (after I had tightened it to prevent another escape). Now he is sleeping on the bed with Linda as though nothing ever happened, the incident forgotten and his world repaired as though there had never been this issue of fear and escape and return.

We, too, often ‘slip our collars’ and escape into sin. Whether out of fear, temptation or just plain ignorance, we all fall away from the Lord in our lives. We need to come back to Him quickly repenting of our sin and joyfully reunite with Him. As He cleans our heart, restores our soul and repairs our lives we, too, just like Little Man, need to put the episode behind us and move forward in Truth and Love.