Monticello is a thought-provoking tranquil place that was the home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson. Yesterday, Linda and I went there to tour the house and grounds. We spent the afternoon walking up and down the small mountain with magnificent views and thoroughly tired ourselves out. While we could speak of the brilliant and conflicted man, the turbulent time he was drawn into and the life he lived, we need not, for his life and decisions speak for themselves.

After Monticello, we stopped to dine in Lovingston at the Golden Arches and had a fine repast replete with ice cream for desert. The weather had been near perfection all day, our shared love for each other very evident and the grace of the Lord was abundantly clear as we walked, talked and listened through day.

This morning we woke to more grace from the Lord as there were few ill effects from yesterday. In fact, we slept in to 8:30 and took our coffee outside in our lounge chairs and just, well, ‘lounged’ until 11:30 when we realized that we needed to eat breakfast.

Moments of ministry came, were met and slipped away quietly. Just being children of God ministers to you and to others in many gentle and unseen ways.