Linda felt fine yesterday after all the activity the day before, we even walked the cat together, sat outside in front a fire in our fire pit and enjoyed the evening. All in all, a wonderful relaxing day of rest. And then today… Linda is just now getting the reaction to doing too much from the day before yesterday. She will spend today taking care of her special needs so that tomorrow we will be able to travel.

Even though we love this life we are living, the reconnecting with friends and relatives and seeing the United States, there is a price to pay beyond the monetary. We both have health issues that come up, mine not nearly as severe as Linda’s, and we both miss seeing our family. We continue on (traveling and spreading the Lord’s love) because we feel that life is a gift from the Lord, a gift to be used in His service and for His glory.

We were never guaranteed an easy life. We were never promised freedom from poverty or pain. In fact, if you follow Christ, you are promised a life of martyrdom, pain and suffering, a life set apart from the world. Yes, following Christ is full of hardships… and joy and peace and love… it seems impossible but it is true.