We are leaving this campground in Lynchburg to move forward on our journey. Continuing our trip is a little more difficult this time because we have really enjoyed our stay here. This place has been a peaceful haven where we could go out to see people and places and return to an enjoyable atmosphere.

We watched as friends gathered to camp together and have good, family fun. While we enjoyed watching others fellowship, we realized that we are missing the feeling of fellowship in our lives. That means that this will probably be the last long swing in our traveling. After this year, well… actually, April of next year, we will find a home base and take short trips to see family and old friends.

Of course, we will enjoy this journey to the fullest. Next stop is one of our favorite places. Williamsburg where we will steep ourselves in history. We will look at successes and failures of the past, revel in all the historical reenactments that we can find and thank the Lord that we are able to do what we are doing.