When we have not been totally honest with those we love, we run the risk of the truth just showing up and the truth can be a scary, hurtful thing. Hearing the truth, for the first time, when it has been withheld for a long time is painful and requires understanding and compassion. We all have our little secrets and hurts, we all have painful memories and bad things that have been done to us. Rather than bury them, we need to express them. If we don’t open them to the light, if we don’t let others see our pain, if we keep our hurts hidden, others will not know, will not be able to understand, will not be able to see us as we are… broken and yet strong through Christ, human and fallible and yet whole and pure through the blood of Jesus.

Words can wound and words can heal and sometimes the same words can do both. With the help of the Lord, the choice is always ours. Pray for the wisdom to see past the hurt and the pain, pray for insight to see the truth in the rubble of life and pray for the Lord’s mercy and goodness to flow into your heart.